How BuDS will use your feedback

BuDS will never share your name and other personal details with anyone unless you specifically agree to this. Your personal data will be processed and held in accordance with the Data Protection Act. BuDS is a registered data controller under the Act.

We will share all comments anonymously with the relevant taxi licencing authority (a district council) and we may ask you if you are happy for them to know your name and contact details so that they can follow up your comments. We may also anonymously share all comments or information derived from comments with the relevant taxi or minicab operator but only in such a way as to protect your identity.

BuDS acquires copyright to and intellectual property rights over all comments once submitted to us.

We may also publish your comments anonymously on the Fair4All website or in other places. We reserve the right to edit comments for publication to preserve your privacy and for legal reasons.

By making a comment, you agree to these terms.